I've noticed a lot of people who look a little different due to the pandemic. We're roughly about a year into this whole ordeal and my hair is suffering. How many haircuts have you gotten during the pandemic?

I always been the type of person that styled my hair, and very rarely wore a hat, mostly because I have a big head and there are only certain hats that look good on this melon of mine. But since the pandemic began, I've really let my hair suffer during this time. Currently, it has been about six months since my last haircut, and I am in desperate need. I don't even know what to do with it anymore, I just throw on the only hat I own and call it a day.

The first haircut I got was in July, then again in September, and I have now spent the entire winter wearing a hat every day. I've always waited to get haircuts, as I'm not one of those guys who are at the barbershop every two weeks, that's not me at all. But now I feel a haircut is in order, just for my own peace of mind and to change things up, and finally, ditch the hat for the year.

This also may a good time to change up your style if you've been letting it grow during the pandemic. Try something new, just don't do a mullet, you don't want that kind of attention.

How many haircuts have you gotten over the last year of COVID?

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