Here we are again, the weekend, which usually means, at least for me, getting all the stuff done that you didn't have time to do during the week.

Being one of the people responsible for maintaining this household consisting of two adults and two children, sometimes the adults may act like children (mostly me) and that number might shift, but either way, it's difficult to find time to yourself to unwind from the workweek.

The pandemic has forced all families to be confined together for a year now, which is great for strengthening your relationships with your kids but provides no "you" time, which everybody needs in some shape or form. Just for your own mental health, you need a chance to unwind and clear your head. Spring arriving is a big boost for me because I'm eager to back outside. However, there are some other ways I unwind after a long week.

For starters, I like to avoid social media. It sounds strange, but there's a lot of negative crap on there so I jump at a chance to ignore it for a little while. I also like to spend a little time doing something I enjoy, even if it's a five-minute session, but, I like to get some video game time in. It sounds childish, but it definitely helps, and I refuse to apologize for being raised in a time where I've been fortunate enough to experience the evolution of video games.

Don't get me wrong, I also enjoy playing games on my phone. How could I not take advantage of the fact that you can play Call of Duty on your phone? Either way, that's how I clear my head after the workweek. What's your poison? You have to have one thing that relaxes you and is your go-to. Comment below.