t's not every day that you have the opportunity to hold a lifetime pass to any event, institution or group. One might say it comes but once in a lifetime. This year the Great New York State Fair is giving you the chance to win a lifetime pass to the fair!

In partnership with the Department of Motor Vehicles, residents that order a custom New York State Fair license plate during the fair (august 20th through September 5th) will be entered for the chance to win a lifetime pass. You could win even if you don't attend the fair as you can order your plate HERE.

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Find the New York DMV in the Center of Progress Building each day of the fair starting at 10am. At their mobile office you can see the plate and place your order. You can also see the 200 other custom plates that are available. Get an eye test for drivers license renewal and receive information on the REAL ID or Enhanced ID.

One of the great things about the Fair is that it gives New Yorkers a chance to be face-to-face with the state agencies that serve them. I urge all fairgoers to take a moment to visit DMV and other agencies to get their questions answered and services in place. And get your State Fair license plate – you might become a Fair fan for life, and I love seeing them when I’m driving! - Troy Waffner, Fair Director

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