A random conversation has left me wondering how everybody eats Pop-Tarts. We've narrowed it down to three categories. Which one do you fall into?

So, a random converstion lead to a discussion about how people eat Pop-Tarts. We've narrow it down to three different types of Pop-Tart eaters: You open the package and just eat them, you toast them, or microwave them (I didn't know people did that).

Obviously Pop-Tarts are meant to be placed in the toaster, as they are called "toaster pastries", but it seems most people in our building at least, just eat them raw so to speak.

The reason: Time. Let's be honest, it takes about 30 seconds to heat one up, so are we really that lazy, or do they just taste better unheated?

Personally, I very rarely put a Pop-Tart in the toaster. I prefer them that way, as well as my kids. Even if I offer to toast it for my kids, they want no part of it.

Which category do you fall into? Choose below.