Some love her, and others may not. But years before Kim Kardashian's split with Kanye, was she giving out the addresses of local Hudson Valley homes for others to find? Probably not. But this was the utterly bizarre excuse one Hudson Valley man gave officials after he was found inside an area home.

Kim Made Me Do It! 

Police say they responded to a 911 call in March 2015 after a Rosendale woman says a stranger was in her home. When authorities arrived, they found a man wearing nothing but a bathrobe. The man was also drinking a beer and throwing garbage around the house, according to police Police say the 39-year-old suspect had entered the home through an unlocked door. At some point, he put on the bathrobe and began trashing the house.

Now, why would a person do such a thing to another person's house? Seems the suspect told police that he had been given the address to the particular home by none other than Kim Kardashian. There is no word how Kardashian contacted this man that she has probably never even heard of.

No word from authorities whether Kardashian told the man to heave trash and drink beer once entering the home.

Man Breaks INTO Police Station 

Usually, a would-be burglar does everything in their power to avoid the police. But what about actually breaking into where the cops all are? yes, police say a New York man tempted fate, by actually breaking into a police station.


NBC says the suspect allegedly broke into the 52nd Precinct back in February. According to officials, his intent was to rob the commanding officer's office. The suspect was actually found right in the office in plain sight. A senior officer said the suspect had broke in through a first-floor window, causing damage. NBC says the suspect made a break for it and tried to run off. Of course, being in an actual police station, he didn't get too far.

NBC says he has been charged with burglary.