If you bought life insurance in the 1970s your agent may now be a big Hollywood actor.

Tony Denison played Detective Andy Flynn on "The Closer" for seven seasons and continues his role in the TNT spinoff series "Major Crimes" which begins its sixth season in October.

According to TV Overmind, before becoming a Hollywood star Tony Denison was known as Anthony John Sarrero. The young actor got his start by appearing in small stage productions in New Paltz. When not working on his acting, Denison spent his days selling insurance in Poughkeepsie. The future TV cop worked as a local agent for John Hancock Life Insurance back in 1977.

With the money he made selling insurance, and support from his family, Denison eventually got some bigger breaks and eventually decided to change his name. His godmother, Jan Denison, was the inspiration for his new surname.

Since starring in the runaway hit, "The Closer," Denison appeared in the final season of "Sons of Anarchy" and episodes of "Castle" and "Prison Break." In the season five cliffhanger of "Major Crimes" Denison's Detective Flynn suffered a medical emergency. We'll have to wait until the season premiere on October 31 to find out if he makes it.