Looking to buy groundhog meat here in Upstate New York? What better way to celebrate Groundhogs Day than chowing down on delicious groundhog?

If you do a quick Google Search, you will find buying groundhog meat is pretty tough. Maybe it's easier to just hunt your very own groundhog or woodchuck. However, this is 2023 we are living in. The internet has shops for everything you can think of.

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Exotic Meat Market offers exotic meats, wild meats, and game meats in North America since 1989. Guess what wild meat they currently sell? Groundhog. For just under $200, you can buy a "Groundhog Whole Carcass - Minimum Weight 5 Lbs":

Anshu's Exotic Meat Market offers Whole Carcass of Wild Groundhogs for food, trapped by licensed trappers in the USA. Wild Groundhog meat is sweet, tender, dark and gamey. Best cooked in liquid in crock pot until falls off the bones. Red Wine and Herbs. Wild American Groundhog meat cannot be consumed RAW. Groundhogs are actually large squirrels. Capable of weighing up to 15 pounds."

Is your mouth watering yet? You can cook all sorts of stews, tacos, stews, sandwiches, stews, fried groundhog, and did we mention stews?

Celebrate Instead With Ground Hog

Screw the actual groundhog, enjoy groundhog. Get it- pigs, pork, normal food?

1) Smith Packing located at 105-125 Washington Street in Utica

Smith Packing Company has been handling fresh and frozen meats forever. They have been committed to quality since 1911. They would be a great spot for you to check out for meat.

2) Dino’s Sausage & Meat located at 722 Catherine Street in Utica

At Dino’s you’ll find great meats for a great price. Generally, their sausage is a major seller, but you’ll find other great meats too.

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3) Hapanowicz Bros Meat Market located at 19 Clinton Street in New York Mills

Hapanowicz has been a local favorite for over 95 years. Stop in and enjoy some kielbasa, along with a wide selection of meats.

4) Roma Sausage & Deli located at 2029 Bleecker Street in Utica

Roma’s is well known for their tomato pie, but there is nothing better than a Mortadella, Sopressata, and Hot Capicola sandwich on their fresh made Italian bread.

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