Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the richest of them all?

Forbes has come out with the 400 Richest Americans. With New York home to Wall Street, it makes sense several billionaires come from the Empire State. Not millionaires. Billionaires with a B! More money than most of us can even dream about.

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Richest in New York

Several of the richest people in New York have founded investment groups or created a fashion empire. While others have inherited their riches from a family dynasty. Here are the top 21 richest people in New York State who are worth $6.7 billion or more.

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The Richest Counties In Central New York

Overall, in Central New York, our best county in terms of being rich hit #19 overall according to Stacker. Scroll down to see which one came in at that ranking, and see where your county ranks too.

Gallery Credit: Vinnie Martone

The Richest Billionaire In Each State Ranked By Wealth

See the richest billionaire in each state. As of 2023 Alaska, Delaware and West Virginia are the only states without any billionaires. Net worth according to Forbes.

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern