Sunday's cool weather will hang around for a few more days. However, the region is expected to see heavy, drenching rain over the next 48 hours.

The heavy rain is expected to arrive Sunday night, with lows in the lower 50s.

Monday is expected to be cool and wet with highs in the 60s with heavy rain. Forecasters say the temps should stay in the 60s Monday night, as the the chance for rain persists.

Tuesday will see warmer and more humid weather returning, as highs will climb back into the upper 70s, with a chance for afternoon showers and thunderstorms.

The summer-like weather will stick around. as highs Wednesday and Thursday will be in the lower 80s with a chance of showers.

Right now the big weather story, is Hurricane Florence in the Atlantic. Meteorologists are feeling more and more certain that a U.S. landfall is imminent. The storm regained hurricane strength Sunday, and is forecasted to move ashore somewhere in the Carolinas as a major hurricane. While chances of a strike to the Northeast is minimal, the remaining heavy rains still have a chance of reaching the are by late next weekend.

Have a great week, and bring an umbrella.