Just two weeks before opening day, over a hundred kids in one struggling community are being left without volunteers willing to step up and coach.

This is the kind of story that breaks your heart. As youth baseball season begins throughout the Hudson Valley, most towns are already practicing and getting ready to play. But sadly, a city youth baseball league is still scrambling to find adults willing to help out.

Baseball on the Chalk Line
David Lee

A recent Facebook message from City of Poughkeepsie activist Frankie Flowers announced that over 100 kids had signed up to play youth baseball but the league only has two coaches.

Over a month ago, the Cal Ripkin / Babe Ruth Baseball and Softball league asked people to help coach. Unfortunately, the response from the community was less than enthusiastic.

With just a couple of weeks before opening day, City of Poughkeepsie kids looking to spend their time outdoors doing something positive are at risk of not being able to play.

The youth baseball league says that coaches don't need to be star athletes. Training is available for anyone who is willing to help, even those without much baseball experience. Youth teams, especially the young quickball players, just need a role model and someone to teach them about sportsmanship and the importance of being a team player.

Design Pics
Design Pics

It pains me to think that City of Poughkeepsie kids who just want to play baseball like the rest of the children throughout the Hudson Valley, may be left out because no one is willing to step up and help. The experience of being part of a team and playing with friends is something that no child should be denied.

If you're willing to help out, you can email copybslpresident@gmail.com for more information or call (845) 243-0842.

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