Once the weather gets nice here in the Hudson Valley, people rush out to their favorite hiking spots after being couped up during the cold months. What's your favorite less-traveled trail in the Hudson Valley?

There are so many amazing places to go and explore here in the Hudson Valley. While there are so many places to go, there's also a good chance that you'll run into flocks of people who are too busy snapping a selfie, rather than taking in the beautiful scenery. When I go out to hike, it's therapeutic for me. I hate dealing with crowded hiking trails, which is why I usually choose to visit the trails that are less traveled, as they offer the same beauty, but without the crowds.

There are some great spots that you can visit here in the Hudson Valley that won't be loaded with people from out of town. I have about three spots in Dutchess County that I've always loved to visit. The first is Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park, the second is Mills Mansion, and the last is the Eleanor Roosevelt Farm Lane Trail. This trail connects Franklin D. Roosevelt’s home with Eleanor Roosevelt’s Val-Kill cottage.

The trail is 1.8 miles long, with several side trails to explore. My favorite part about this specific trail is how quiet it is. I've hiked this trail countless times, and most times I usually only see a few people while I'm there. You can hear the sounds of nature, and truly clear your head at this spot. This spot is always a good trail to spot woodpeckers, as I have encountered so many pecking away at fallen logs along the trail.

Plus there's the history of the trail. I mean, you can only imagine how many times FDR and the first lady traveled down that trail during their time in Hyde Park. This spot is definitely my favorite hidden gem in the Hudson Valley

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