We've all done it while we're out at a restaurant, the waiter comes over and asks if everything is okay, and you lie your little butt off because you don't want to be that guy.

So we let my oldest daughter picked where we went out to eat tonight, and she picked a chain restaurant which was cool because the one she picked I've always been a fan of, so no biggie. While looking at the menu, I noticed that they had a "new" addition to their menu, and it was a meal that I typically have always liked, so I gave it a try. I was skeptical, but why not change things up every once in a while?

It should be noted, that at this particular establishment I have two different meals that I usually get, and I should have never drifted away from my favorites. I ordered this meal, and I knew that there was a chance it was going to not be what I would hope. The meals come out and we begin to eat.

Upon the first bite, I regretted my choice to go outside of my comfort zone. The meal I ordered did not taste how it should taste, and I hate to say, it kind of sucked. But I tried to eat as much as I could, but something was off and my stomach was telling me to stop, which I did. But here's where it gets complicated, the waiter comes over to do his job and make sure everything is okay, and I say and I quote "everything is great!".

What can I say, I will never complain about my food, or dare send something back. I worked in food service long enough to know that is not a wise choice. Honestly, it's not the waiter's fault, he was awesome at his job, so why inconvenience his night. It's not even the cook's fault, it's a chain restaurant, he has no say in the awful choice the company decides to make in terms of menu choices.

So, at the end of the night I honestly just feel bad about lying to my waiter because he was really good at his job and appeared to actually care about his customers, which is nice to see. How many of you choose not to complain about a meal while out? I know some people have no problem saying if something isn't up to par. Where do you stand?

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