Here we are, the first snowstorm of the year and it's a big one. Are your kids off? Or are they still required to log on for remote learning?

Since the pandemic has begun, our children now have the ability to attend school from the comfort of their own home. One thing that I loved as a kid was snow days. They were the best, spend the entire day sledding with your friends, and at some point, throughout the day someone's mom made hot chocolate for everyone.

Nowadays, with remote learning in place, many districts have opted to not have snow days and rather have kids just log on from home. I mean, I get it, being able to do school remotely, there is no need for snow days. However, as a kid, the excitement that goes along with the anticipation of a snow day is something that every kid deserves to experience.

Luckily, my children's school district has decided to keep snow days this year. Our superintendent said "Snow days will be the most normal thing this year" and I really appreciate that. My kids have the day off for the storm and they can build a snowman, go sledding and just have fun in the snow. This year has been so hard on our kids, and the least we can do is give them a day to enjoy something during a year that has taken so much away.

To any districts that have taken snow days away from our kids, shame on you. You were young once, just think back and remember how fun those snow days once were. Have a heart and let these kids enjoy themselves.

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