I can remember being back in high school and most days usually seemed indistinguishable from the rest. The only thing that mattered was seeing my friends every day, handing in my homework and hopefully doing well on whatever test or quiz I may have had to take. However, there were moments that would once in a while break up the monotony. Those moments were either fights or a similar event to the one that took place at Newburgh Free Academy (NFA) yesterday.

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Not Your Average Day In School

Originally, it was set up to be just like any other day of school but things quickly changed. On Tuesday at Newburgh Free Academy, it was reported that a "physical altercation" broke about between a teacher and a student. Law enforcement officials arrived at the school shortly after the incident took place.

Later in the day after the events took place, some details were made public in a statement by Superintendent Dr. Jackielyn Manning Campbell.

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What Actually Happened?

In her statement Superintendent Dr. Jackielyn Manning Campbell, stated that the incident took place when the teacher witnessed the student...

exhibited incoherent behavior and fell to the ground

At the time of the event, no personal information was released regarding the student or the teacher. Sources later did confirm that it was an incident between a male student and a female teacher. Apparently, the teacher attempted to assist the student upon witnessing the behavior and in response, the student allegedly choked the teacher.

It was stated that school security, a safety deputy, as well Newburgh Police quickly ended the interaction. After the event occurred, both the student and teacher were transported to the local hospital out of an " abundance of caution".

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Why Did This Happen and What Repercussions Follow?

Additional information from Superintendent Dr. Jackielyn Manning Campbell statement revealed, that before the incident occurred, the student had...

consumed an unknown amount of marijuana gummies on his way to school.

The Superintendent would also go on to say that the student will be subject to the District Code of Conduct for the 2022-2023 academic year for their actions, while also conveying that...

Schools should be a physically and emotionally safe environment for all of our students, faculty, and staff to learn and education

Much like it was when I was in high school 10 years ago, drug usage and violence is not tolerated at school. Here's to hoping that everyone involved in this situation is ok now and more importantly that for the student, they take this as a life lesson to learn from.

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