Let's just get this out of the way right from the get-go....who doesn't love dogs? They are literally perfect creatures. We love them, they love us and all they ask for in return are tummy rubs and refills to their food and water bowls.

They are giant love bugs who soak up any and all affection you give to them. They literally become part of any family. Also, before I go any further, cat lovers don't worry, they're great too, but today isn't about cats.

Purebred Golden Retriever dog portrait in outdoors

Why I Love 'Em

Over the weekend, my family and I were lucky enough to be dog sitters for our neighbors. This is not the first time my family and I have dog sat for our neighbors. Our neighbor even tells us that her dog Chloe looks forward to staying at our place. So much so that she experiences a couple days worth of "doggy depression" when she does go back home.


Chloe is a 2-year-old Golden Retriever and she's just a perfect bundle of energy. She has a personality and will tell you when she's bored or needs attention, she loves playing with her toys, particularly her little stuffed alien. Like every other dog, she knows just exactly how to beg for table food. She reminds my family and me of our Lady girl, whom we lost a year ago. Aside from Chloe speaking more, her and Lady are exactly the same.

Best Dogs to Have in New York

Did you know that records of "most popular dogs in every state in America" exist? Well if you didn't, now you do.

According to puppyspot.com, the top five most popular dog breeds in New York, in reverse order are the Labrador Retriever, Poodle, Cavapoo, Dachshund, and the Golden Doodle taking first place.

I've got my own issues with this list, mainly that "Cavapoo" sounds like a bird name more than a dog's and that "Poodle" is essentially listed twice, but I digress. In any case, doesn't really matter what dog you could be getting, they're all great additions to any family.

group of five dogs
Zoonar/Erik Lam

My Favorite Dogs

Having Chloe over again this weekend got me thinking about my favorite dogs. Preferably, I enjoy big dogs. Usually the bigger the better, little dogs are great too but the whole Paris Hilton carrying tiny dogs in a bag thing and their known Napoleon Complex make them a bit annoying.

I myself love any type of Retriever or Labrador, Huskies, Bernese Mountain Dog, Pit Bull Terriers, German Shepards, and my personal favorite Rottweilers. I dream of one day having a good ole Rottie to just be mine and my future family's dog.

Abused abandoned dog in exile

Considering Adding a New Addition

First and foremost what I would say is that when considering getting a dog, asses your own life in its totality and really understand if it's a commitment you are willing to stick to. It's literally a lifetime commitment, maybe not for you but for your perspective addition.


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Also, please do some research on where it is your dog is coming from. It happens all too frequently that stories break about the horrid conditions that some dogs are born into and forced to live in. Just recently, a Hudson Valley breeder ended up on the "Horrible Hundred" Report.

Though there are many options out there for acquiring your possible new friend, I'd also encourage anyone to visit their local shelter or look up information about adoption from the ASPCA. Lastly, when you have or if you've decided you are on board for this commitment, figure out which dog best fits you personally or your family. It's a lot to think about but there is a perfect dog for everybody.

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