A disturbing video of a local boy being attacked by a pit bull has lead authorities to the animal's owner.

A surveillance camera in Rockland County captured the horrifying moments when a pit bull raced across the street and attacked the toddler. The incident happened on Thursday in Spring Valley.

The Hudson Valley division of the Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council released the video to the media in hopes of finding the owner. Warning: The images are very disturbing:

Hours after the video was released OJPAC announced that authorities had located the pit bull and its owner. Neighbors claim the animal has been a menace in the past.

ABC News in New York reports that the 3-year-old by is recovering and was released from the hospital. The child was bit several times in the face and neck. OJPAC released this photo of the child's injuries.

This is not the first time there has been a problem with dangerous dogs in Spring Valley. This video from 2015 shows two dogs in a grizzly street fight. It's not clear if either of these dogs or their owners were involved in Thursday's incident.