Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced upcoming cold water rescue training for first responders. 

The New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services' Office of Fire Prevention and Control will be offering  Ice and Cold Water Rescue Technician trainings across the state.

The courses will teach first responders, including local firefighters and emergency personnel, the proper techniques of how to rescue victims from the surface of cold or frozen water.

The training courses aim to enhance safety along waterways for all New Yorkers that enjoy winter recreational activities.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said:

New York has premier winter recreation opportunities alongside our lakes, ponds and waterways, and we must ensure that residents and visitors alike can take advantage of all that our great outdoors has to offer safely. These trainings will give first responders the training and skills needed to act in emergency situations around frozen waterways, where every second counts, and make this state safer for all.

The training consists of a 16-hour course, that combines classroom and hands of training.