A brand new patisserie has opened up in the Village of Maybrook and patrons are giving it rave reviews.

In the small village of Maybrook in Orange County, New York, a brand new storefront has brought life into a struggling strip mall. You may not know the name, but you definitely know the trailer that Whipped Cupcakes operates out of when they're on the road. It's a vintage teal and white mini RV that serves up the best cupcakes in the Hudson Valley at Bethel Woods and local events like the Food Truck Harvest Festival and the Hudson River Craft Beer Fest.

Whipped Cupcakes is located on 93 Homestead Avenue, also known as State Route 208, in Maybrook. The patisserie offers a variety of daily cupcake options and other treats for breakfast all day. You can even order a custom cake or cupcakes from Whipped Cupcakes.

The reviews of Whipped Cupcakes are nothing more than stellar. People say the cupcakes are to die for and everything is so fresh. I've had Whipped Cupcakes at events before and the hype is no joke, they're amazing. I'm also really excited to see such a great new business in the town I grew up and lived in for 18 years.

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