A home in Upstate New York came with a strange feature and the owner is trying to find anyone who can take it off the property and possibly put it to good use.

When most people buy a home there a few things that they are looking for.  The list of priorities can vary but it really depends on what is important to the potential buyer. Some people look for a nice view, a finished basement or maybe even a two-car garage.

I'm not an expert in the realty market but I'm going to guess that one of the last things people look for in a new home is a way to dispose of remains.

Facebook Marketplace offers a ton of things ranging from regular everyday items like clothing to some older antiques and rare collectibles. One of the most unique things listed on Facebook Marketplace is getting viral attention.

You may be wondering what the heck this thing is because I sure didn't know. I doubt the average person wouldn't either.

Facebook: Joe Hart

It's a working crematory and it was listed for sale on a local online yard sale group. The owner purchased the home that was owned by a veterinarian.

It's according to the listing it was built about 6 years ago and is still in working condition.

Facebook: Joe Hart

The homeowner could remove or destroy it himself but instead, he hopes that another local veterinarian will buy it from him. He's asking $25,000 for the unit as they go for as much as $75,000 brand new.

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