It's become the brunt of jokes everywhere on social media. Does anyone know why McDonald's ice cream machines are always broken? It seems like the fast food giant has had this same problem everywhere for years. Well, the Federal Trade Commission is curious too, and know they're launching an investigation into the matter according to the Wall Street Journal. Can the FTC save our milkshakes?

The problem has become so big across the country that customers have actually drawn up petitions to get to the bottom of the matter. Hell, one fed up customer even crated an app called McBroken, that tracks the status of every McFlurry machine across the country to see if they're working or not. Many owners and managers have complained that the machines are very hard to fix when they decide to stop working. One issue may have to do with a heat-cleaning cycle that runs automatically to rid germs and bacteria, according to Fox Business. if the cleaning cycle fails, it can bring the whole machine down.

Has this been the case at some your favorite Hudson Valley McDonald's recently? If so, how long was the machine broken? where they ever able to fix it? Tell us your stories.

Well, we may not have a quick solation to the ice cream machine dilemma, but at least they're not putting drugs in your food like in this one particular case. Now, one mother from New York state is fuming after police say her 11-year-old got a little more than just some Chicken McNuggets in their Happy Meal.CBS is reporting that two McDonald's employees have been charged after the mother found Suboxone in her son's Happy Meal on June 30. After an investigation, detectives say that the drugs fell out of an employee's shirt pocket and into the order, that was being prepared at the restaurant drive-thru. Police say the employee had illegally bought the drugs from another employee at the same McDonald's earlier during their shift.

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