To mark the return of the breakfast menu to Taco Bell, the company is celebrating by giving out free breakfast burritos at participating locations. The fast food giant first introduced breakfast in 2014, and then expanded their menu just days before the COVID lockdowns in March 2020. Taco Bell then temporarily paused breakfast their restaurants, according to CNN. That is until Thursday, October 21.

The free breakfast burritos will be available from 7 to 11 AM, Thursday only. But you're going to have to actually go to your nearest location and order there. CNN says that the burritos will be available only in person, and the limit is set to one burrito per person. So, if you were thinking of rolling up to the drive-thru window and stuffing 20 of those things down your gullet like a fat pig, well, sorry.

Taco Bell, like many fast food companies, has made many additions (and some subtractions) to their menu over the past year during COVID. In January, the chain announced that they plan on bringing back both their popular SpicyPotato Soft Tacos and the Fiesta Potatoes to their restaurants in the Hudson Valley, and the rest of the country. This comes after many customers complained about the potato tacos being removed from menus. The Quesalupa also made its triumphant return.  If you don't remember the Quesalupa, it's basically a quesadilla with a chalupa all stuffed together and combined into a double shell mess of a meal.

However, the beforementioned Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco appears to already be gone. Taco Bell's foray into the chicken sandwich world suddenly vanished not long after it debuted nationwide September 2. Employees said that the Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco was a part of their Taco Bell Experience menu, which often sees items rotate in and out, Hopefully, it will be before long.

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