He's best known for his time in the wrestling ring, but Mick Foley has reinvented himself as an author and now comedian/spoken word artist. He's just announced a show at Poughkeepsie's Laugh It Up Comedy Club.

Mick Foley's 20 Years of Hell tour will take places on Friday, June 15 at 7:30. Yes, we're giving you lots of notice but this one will sell out.

Foley spent more than 11 years as wrestler Cactus Jack before moving over to the WWE as Mankind. He claims the character was inspired by reading the novel 'Frankenstein' by Mary Shelly and listening to the music of Tori Amos. Quite the inspiration!

As his wrestling career was dwindling, he wrote he memoir 'Have A Nice Day' without the help of a ghostwriter in just 50 days (by hand). It went on to top the New York Times bestsellers' chart. All in all, he's now published a total of 10 books.