The flu has been lethal across the country, and it took 16 more lives this week. The flu has been disastrous this year, and it isn't even peak flu season yet.

The CDC puts out a weekly report with flu-related data and information. Today they reported that 16 child deaths occurred from the flu in this week alone. This brings the total number to 53 pediatric flu deaths. The report also states that the flu is spread across 48 states, Puerto Rico, and various other U.S. territories.

Patients who visited the doctor for flu-like symptoms was also up from 6.5% to 7.1% this week, as stated in the report. The data also confirmed over 17,000 new cases of the flu.

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order to combat the flu, calling it a 'disaster emergency'. Over 1,500 New Yorkers had confirmed cases of the flu. US Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb put out a statement Thursday stating that some flu vaccines, flu tests, and antivirals are in short supply.

Everyone is still encouraged to get a flu shot if they have not.