This is not what 911 is for!

A Collier County, Florida man called police to tell them he heard his neighbors yelling. When the police showed up, they didn't see any evidence of a disturbance.

This is where the whole Florida part to story comes in.

NBC 2 reports that Jack Means was quite intoxicated that night. Means hadn't had enough however and wanted more alcohol. His girlfriend refused to buy him any more, so Means took matters into his own hands and called 911.

Was Means hoping the authorities would be generous and go pick him up some vodka?

Means' neighbors certainly weren't happy with his decision either. One resident said it was a waste of the officers' time, the emergency response teams' time, as well as a waste of money for the taxpayers.

Means never got his booze. Instead, he was charged with a misdemeanor for misusing 911.