May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and Finkelstein & Partners have some top-notch safety tips for riders and drivers! Be sure to share this page with your friends!

  • The best visibility for the rider is in the left-hand area of a traffic lane. Most residue is found in the center of the traffic lane.
  • Have you thought about your positioning? Sit close enough to the handlebars to allow your arms to bend slightly which makes for an easier turn and secure your knees against the gas tank for optimal balance while turning. Feet are to always remain on the foot pegs and hold on tightly!
  • Remind your passengers of their positioning while riding with you. Passengers are to keep both feet on the foot pegs, sit forward, lean into you, and hold on tightly! Keep in mind your bike responds slower with a passenger so adjust your speed as necessary for safe riding.
  • Motorcyclists have the right to utilize the full lane and can ride side by side one other cyclist in one lane. However, if you are riding in a pair and must avoid something on the road, you will have nowhere to go other than into the other motorcyclist in your lane. It is safer to avoid riding in pairs if possible.
  • Keep in mind of other vehicles’ blind spots. Drivers tend to look for other cars and trucks but not necessarily motorcycles which results in invisibility of the biker. In a motorcycle collision with a car or truck, the motorcyclist is likely to be the more injured driver.
  • Your headlights and taillights must be on while driving at all times.
  • Make sure you have the proper, approved safety gear such as helmets and goggles.