It’s not unusual to spot a movie or television crew in the Hudson valley these days. You hear more and more stories about celebrity sightings, street closures due to filming, and movies that are coming out or are out that feature many of our favorite Hudson Valley landmarks. And a lot of these movies and shows hired Hudson Valley locals to play extras, or even bigger parts.

There’s something pretty exciting about seeing yourself or your friends on the big screen, and you’ll have the chance to do just that on June 20. IFC Films and the Hudson Valley Film Commission will be hosting an exclusive Hudson Valley Screening of the locally produced comedy-horror film “Werewolves Within” at the Greenville Drive-in on Route 32 in Greenville at 7:30PM.

The movie centers around the small town of Beaverfield, whose residents are divided by a proposed pipeline. When the residents find themselves stranded together during a snowstorm with the new forest ranger and a postal worker, they come together to solve the mystery of a creature that has been terrorizing the community. Scary and funny. And it features many of the Hudson Valley’s local actors. How cool is that?

Did you have a part in this movie? Maybe you know somebody who was featured in it. You can in on this exclusive screening on June 20 at the Greenville Drive-in. A short film called “Pare”, also produced here in the Hudson Valley will be screened before the main feature. For tickets and more information, visit the Werewolves Within website.

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