Well, Hudson River, you had a good run.

During a speech on Tuesday President Donald Trump addressed union members from the building and construction industry. In the well received speech Trump laid out his plans to boost infrastructure by streamlining complicated laws that make it unnecessarily difficult to get projects approved.

While discussing our country's need to return to the days of creating bold structures and buildings, the President inadvertently eliminated an entire body of water. The Hudson River, which many of us know and love, has somehow become a thing of a past.

You can hear the confusing comments here:

During the speech Trump said,

...to achieve true progress we must remember our legacy. We are the nation that built the tallest skyscrapers on what was once the Hudson River.

We're not sure if this was a teleprompter snafu or a signal that the Hudson River is about to be drained for one of Trump's new construction projects. Hopefully it was just a cut and paste problem because that new Tappan Zee Bridge would be quite a waste of infrastructure funds if we'll just be able to walk our way over to Nyack.