It's music to your ears, and throat maybe? A bizarre occurrence happened early last week when a man fell asleep and somehow swallowed an earbud he was wearing, as he lay in bed. Now, the Massachusetts man has taken to Facebook to warn others over the potential dangers of using headphones or wireless earbuds to fall asleep, Granted, this is probably not a general danger we think about every day. It is still quite uncertain how he managed to swallow the device, and not realize it by waking up? Must have been some pretty mellow and boring music he was listening to.

CBS Albany reports that Brad Gauthier woke up Tuesday and went outside to shovel snow for about an hour. Gauthier went to go have a glass of water but noticed that the water wouldn't go down for some reason, and he even had to lean over to drain it from his throat. That doesn't sound pleasant at all.

According to Gauthier, it was actually his son who suggested he had swallowed his AirPod, especially consider one was missing. However, no music could be heard emanating from his body, so who the hell was suppose to know such a thing? After going to the doctor and being X-rayed, it was indeed revealed the wireless earbud was stuck in his esophagus. The device was fortunately removed through an emergency Endoscopy.

Do any of you have to be listening to music to fall asleep? The thought of sound like that, right in your ears, might keep some folks up half the night. But there are others who need the noise to be able to doze off. Please tell us that none of you have ever down what this guy did, and actually swallowed a wireless device.

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