Come on, admit it, you use the elves to mess with your kids. I sure do! It's harmless, and it provides some entertainment for parents.

I had a little fun with my kids the other night with the Elf of a Shelf, or elves in my household, as we have two creepy little things in my home. So, we had the elves set up on a drying rack for laundry, and my youngest, who is like her father and is very hyper, came running and knock the rack knocking one of the elves down to the ground. She freaked out thinking she had hurt the elf. We told her it would be fine and to head back to bed.

When they were back in bed, I moved the other elf and make it appear as if it was holding the elf that had suffered a horrific fall. I then alerted the kids, asking them if they touched the elves because they were in a different spot. They saw the elves had moved, they lost it!

My wife and I kept our composure during this, though it was hard not to laugh. Once the kids finally fell asleep, I decided to have more fun. I went to the first-aid kit and busted out the gauze and made it appear that the elf had actually suffered injuries during the fall (as pictured above).

I may have taken it a little far, but I thought it was funny honestly. My kids now think she really hurt, but I ensured them that the elf is magical and probably just needed a day to rest to feel better.

Have you used the elves to have a little fun in your home? Leave your comments.

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