A house what? I know the thought of a landline is something of the past, but do you still have one?

I was thinking about the fact that I have a house phone and I honestly couldn't think of what the number was. As sad as that sounds, I've never used or called it. The only reason I have one is that I got it part of the triple-play package through my cable provider.

Growing up, a remember having one phone for the whole house, and at one point I'm pretty sure that the cord could stretch across the whole house. I remember when caller I.D. was a separate box you had to hook up to your phone, and it was a game-changer, let me tell you, "Sorry Karen, not answering today".

When cordless phones came out, and we were able to ditch the cord and go anywhere while on the phone, simply amazing. Now, the house phone, which used to be at the center of a household, has been reduced to something we forget we even have. Why would I need to call the house, when there 4 smartphones in my house are constantly in a person's hand?

Smartphones have changed our lives in so many ways, and have pretty much eliminated the use of a landline, at least at home. Do you still have a house phone? or better yet, do you actually use it if you do have one? Leave your comments and memories of stretching that cord across the house.

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