So, I'm not the person that needs to wear glasses all the time, but I do need glasses, but I pretty much refused to wear them.

Okay, so about four years ago, I went to the eye doctor complaining that when I drove at night it seemed as though that all the other drivers had the high-beams on. It turned out that I had astigmatism, which makes my eye not focus light evenly on the retina. So, I got some glasses and wore them for a very short period, before giving up. It was hard for me to adjust to wearing glasses, after going over 30 years without them.

The biggest problem was I didn't like the frames I picked out. Honestly, I didn't want glasses to begin with, so I picked the cheapest ones I could and called it a day. Yea, that was a mistake, and I wish I would have chosen something I would've actually liked. So, I've gone from needing glasses to not wearing them, to my kids making fun of me for not being able to see.

I guess I need to upgrade my frames and start wearing glasses regularly as I should and enjoy being able to see. I'm just not a glasses person, and I think that is the hardest thing to get around for me. It sucks getting older.

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