Everybody is different, some couples may like to exchange gifts each year, while others may focus on the kids. Where do you and your spouse stand on this?

Every year, my wife and I have always exchanged gifts. We ask what each of us would like "Santa" to bring us, pretty basic. This year, however, we decided to switch up how we do it. We are not eliminating getting gifts for each other, simply tweaking the process.

We both had a bigger item that we wanted this year. My wife wanted one of those fancy Kitchen-Aid mixers, which if I'm being honest, I kind of wanted to, and I wanted a new fish tank, upgrading to a bigger tank. So, we decided to order the things we wanted and call it a day.

Now, I'm faced with the "do I really not have to buy any other gifts for my wife?" Is this a trap? I feel like it's a trap. What do I do? Do I not get any other gifts for her, and take a chance? Or do I get a few small things so she has something to open? What if I get other gifts and she doesn't? Then it will be awkward. There are so many questions that need answers!

What do you and your spouse do for the holidays? Do you get gifts for each other, or do you have another system? While I'm not sure if we will keep this system going for years to come, at least we both got what we wanted, right?

Leave your comments below.

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