During our time here, we learn a lot about ourselves and become aware of certain behaviors we have, some are normal, and others may leave you wondering why you do it.

Over the years I've noticed that when I'm eating, no matter how much I may be enjoying the meal, by the time I make it to the last bite, I find myself stopping. How could I enjoy the whole meal, every single bite, except that last one? It's almost like I convince myself that the last bite is tainted and it grosses me out to the point I stop eating. Does this happen with everything I eat? Of course not. Trust me, I have no problem finishing a box of cookies.

In the world of a chef, the last bite is something that could be absolutely amazing, soaking up all the juices and flavors for one last bite. Sounds amazing right? Sure, but that doesn't exist in my world. Doing what seems like the best thing to do, I went on Google and started trying to see if there was a condition that prevents people from eating the last bite of their food. While I couldn't find any scientific studies or any medical information, I did find that there were a lot of discussion boards with people sharing that they also suffer from this weird complex.

So I guess the plus side is that I'm not alone when it comes to this interesting thing that I do. Do you have anything that you've always done that you think you're the only one who it happens to? Leave your comments below.

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