Well that didn't last long.

You probably heard that former league MVP Derrick Rose his heading to Cleveland after only one year with the Knicks. What now-former Knicks team president Phil Jackson thought was a wise move that he hoped would bring the Knicks back into the playoffs looks like a failure.

The often injured Rose missed 18 games last season, and struggled to adapt to Jackson's outdated triangle offense. He was marred by controversy as well. from suddenly leaving the team in January, to lackluster defense, to failed chemistry with teammates.

And then there was the whole civil rape trial in California that caused him miss all of last preseason.

His stats weren't that bad though. he averaged 18.0 point per game which is the highest since his injury. Of course, stats on a scoresheet don't really matter much if you're team isn't winning.

The Knicks missed their fourth straight playoffs.