The DEC is giving homeowners guidance to avoid conflicts with coyotes.

With the onset of warmer weather, many coyotes will set up dens for pups that will arrive this spring. Coyotes are well adapted to the environment, but for the most part will avoid contact with people.

To minimize the chance of conflict between people and coyotes, it is important to maintain coyotes' natural fear of people. The DEC has recommended steps residents and visitors can take to reduce or prevent conflicts with coyotes.

  • Do not feed coyotes, and discourage others from doing so
  • Do not allow coyotes to approach people or pets
  • Teach children to appreciate coyotes from a distance
  • If you see a coyote, be aggressive in your behavior. Stand tall and hold arms out to look large. If a coyote lingers for too long, make loud noises, wave your arms, or throw sticks and stones
  • Do not allow pets to run free. Supervise outdoor pets to keep them safe.
  • Fencing your yard in may deter coyotes
  • Remove brush and tall grass from around your home to reduce protective cover for coyotes
  • Contact the police if you notice a coyote acting with "bold" behaviors or who have little fear of people. Seeing a coyote occasionally throughout the year is not evidence of bold behavior
  • Ask neighbors to follow the steps

If coyote behavior becomes threatening, report it to the local DEC office, as this may indicate that some individual coyotes have lost their fear of people and there may be a greater risk that a problem could occur.