A terrifying situation played out over the holiday weekend for one family in Ramapo. The scene played out at residence located at an address on Bonnie Court in the Hillcrest area of Ramapo where one family was hosting a large birthday party.

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Birthday Party Crasher in Hillcrest

Ramapo Police were notified of the incident in question on Sunday November 26, 2023. When officers arrived on scene they immediately began to take control and attempted to deescalate the situation. According to the Facebook post from the Town of Ramapo Police Department, detailing the events, the birthday party had actually begun the day before and the events of Sunday were a continuation from the day before.

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Multiple individuals at the scene were clearly intoxicated but the individual at the center of the conflict was a 24-year old former resident at the location, who had been kicked out of the party. According to the report, the suspect...

...kicked in the front door, pulled a knife, and held it to another male’s neck while threatening to stab him...


Once this happened, another individual tried to take control of the knife which resulted in the suspect stabbing said individual in the chest below the victims shoulder. At this exact time, another officer responding to the scene saw the stabbing take place and immediately engaged. The officer used his taser against the suspect and was then quickly able to gain control of and arrest the suspect.

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Officers on the scene after the event continued their investigation. It was later determined that the suspect and the defendant were actually brothers-in-laws. The victim in the stabbing, who's wound was considered non-life-threatening, was translated to Nyack Hospital for medical treatment. It was also determined that during the fight, the suspect punched a 12-year old female in the face which did cause physical injuries.

Charges for the Party Crasher

Following the events that took place during the fight, the arrested was suspect was taken into police custody. According to the Facebook post, the suspect is facing a long list of charges including...

Assault 1st, Assault 2nd, Burglary 1st, CPW (Criminal Possession of a Weapon), Crim Mischief, Menacing, and Endangering the Welfare of a Child

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The report concluded with acknowledging all of the law enforcement officials that handled the scene and the investigation. These officials would include ROckland County Sheriff's Patrol, the New York State Police. The Village of New Hempstead Building and Zoning Inspectors were also contacted as investigators suspected that possible illegal multi-dwelling occupancy was occuring at the residence.


Until the suspected has been arraigned, it's unclear what or which of the charges against him will apply legally. With that being said, the possibility of jail time is very real. For instance, in New York the maximum penalty for the charge of 1st Degree Assault if found guilty is up to 25 years in prison. A 2nd Degree Assault charge carries a much lighter sentence if found guilty of up to 7 years behind bars with possible fine.

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