Incident occurred over Memorial Day weekend at Dads Diner in Copake, NY.

Its crazy what some people will do for ice cream. Or anything for that matter. You hear stories constantly of incidents happening at fast food restaurants, where an angry customer is told they are out of a particular item, and the customer often gets nasty shouting foul language at the hard working employees. Sometimes they are so angry, that they even attempt to climb through the drive-thru window.

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An incident occurred of the recent Memorial Day holiday weekend at a popular diner in Columbia County where a broken soft served ice cream machine caused for at least one very angry lady.

Dads Diner is a popular diner located in Copake, NY (Columbia County) that has been serving their area with great food and ice cream for many years. I've often stopped in whenever driving through the area and have enjoyed a nice meal each time. Staff is always friendly, and its a great little place to visit.

According to the Dads Diner Facebook page, an incident regarding a broken ice cream machine resulted in police being called. A lady allegedly climbed  through the ice cream window at the diner, cursing out employees over soft served ice cream and a razzle. (Razzles are fun blended snacks or desserts made with soft serve ice cream and mix-ins.) Apparently no razzle, caused chaos in Copake.

We found an ice cream machine! It is being shipped next Wednesday. I do not have an install date yet but when I do. I’ll let you know. To those who have been absolutely rude to our staff over ice cream you should be ashamed of yourself.
We had a lady yesterday climbing through our ice cream window cursing at everyone over soft served ice cream and a razzle.
The police have been called.
                                          -Dad's Diner
No further information was posted regarding the angry customer, but the Facebook page was flooded with comments supporting the beloved diner and commenting how ridiculous it is when grown adults act like children. Well, thankfully a new ice cream machine is on the way to Dads Diner, and hopefully there won't be any more crazy incidents like this recent one. Be kind to each other.
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