Like many Hudson Valley residents, I always hold my breath when it comes time to open my monthly electric bill, and this month I received quite a surprise.

The last year has been brutal on most of our wallets, right? Inflation is kicking our butts at every turn!! From the gas pumps to the grocery store to our mailboxes when we get our monthly bills, everywhere we turn everything is way more expensive than it was just a year ago.

Earlier this year I shared how baffled I was after I opened up my monthly statement from Central Hudson Gas and Electric and it was well over $200. Back then I had never gotten a bill that was over $100 before so I was shocked. After I shared my bill issues I couldn't believe how many other people across the Hudson Valley have had numerous issues with their bills being higher than ever before.


Crazy Hudson Valley Electric Bills

It's been six months since I wrote about my ridiculous electric bill and wouldn't you know it, my most recent Central Hudson bill is back to being crazy!! Crazy in a good way this time!! I've lived in the same apartment in Poughkeepsie for over 3 years now and in most billing cycles my bill is somewhere between $85 and $250. When I opened last month's bill (pictured above) I was SHOCKED that it was only $23.08! Twenty-three dollars??? I have never gotten a bill that small for anything EVER!!

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I'm not complaining about it, I'll take the smaller amount every month but I do have a question. How can a bill go from that high to that low? It's not like I used things any differently last month than I did back in March. I ask because I'm a "budgeter" and never have any idea what the heck my bill is going to be every month...LOL! Has your electric bill been all over the place?

Call or text us through the Wolf Country app and lets us know what your last bill looked like, was it extremely high, really low, or in between?

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