UPDATE: Darkside Records is happy to announce that they have deep cleaned and sanitized, and they are open again as of Monday 12/14/20.

Here it is December of 2020. It’s the time of the year when everybody should be out and about doing their holiday shopping and celebrating with their friends and families. But, thanks to a pesky global pandemic, more and more businesses have been shutting their doors for one reason or another. Sometimes they’re forced to by the government to close down, sometimes it's because they just can’t financially afford to stay open anymore, and lately many businesses have closed temporarily for the safety of their staff and customers.

Such is the case with Darkside records on Dutchess Turnpike in Poughkeepsie. At what should be the busiest time of the year for this popular independent record store, they’re shutting down for a few days. According to their facebook post, Darkside Records has had an employee test positive for coronavirus, so they’ve made the wise decision to close their doors for a few days to have the store professionally cleaned and sanitized. A decision that will help to keep their customers and employees safe.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t get some awesome items from Darkside Records, even while they are closed for sanitizing. While you’re waiting for them to reopen the doors to the store, you can shop in their online store. Not only will you be able to pick up some cool and unique gifts, you’ll be supporting a local independent record store. And that's a good thing. For updates on the reopening date, check out the Darkside Records facebook page.

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