With the emergence of NFL rookie quarterback Dak Prescott, it looks like Tony Romo's days are numbered in Dallas.

Now the big question is - Where does he go from here? Some are saying Chicago, Cleveland, or maybe Jacksonville.

But what about the Jets? Is Romo the big name that could help Gang Green get back to the payoffs? Could he provide the consistent leadership needed in a position where the Jets have been lacking?

After all, it doesn't need to be said again that the Jets are in serious need for a good quarterback.

After an extended contract dispute in the offseason, Ryan Fitzpatrick finally agreed to sign for $12 million. So far, it's safe to say that hasn't worked out so well. Fitzpatrick was so bad he was even benched for the much maligned Geno Smith. Smith started one game versus Baltimore, only to tear his ACL and be lost for the season.

Is Romo the answer?

Romo has thrown for over thirty-four thousand yards, and 247 touchdowns in his career with Dallas. He's a four time Pro Bowler who's lead the Cowboys to a 80-53 record since being named starting quarterback. At times, he's been fantastic.

Now for those who are saying "yes", remember, there's also the downside as well.

Romo is 36 years-old. How many more good years does he have? Injuries have sidelined him the past few years as well. He only played in four games last season, and is yet to play in 2016. This is a major concern at his age. Some have said he's even hinted at retirement.

It would also cost the Jets a pretty penny as well. What sort of draft picks would they have to give up to get Romo?

And yes, there's the whole choke artist tag too. He's thrown quite a few interceptions during key moments for the Cowboys that cost them dearly.

The Jets have also tried signing veteran quarterbacks who were supposed to lead them to glory. Remember Brett Favre? Maybe they should just wait and give Bryce Petty a chance.

Still, stranger things have happened in the NFL. You never know. The Jets have always had a habit of surprising everyone.