Get ready to stock up on five-gallon jars of mayonnaise. Costco is reportedly coming to the Hudson Valley area!

A construction worker called the Boris & Robyn Show this week to say that his company is currently building a new Costco in Chester, New York. It will reportedly be located near exit 126 off of Route 17.

Whether you're stocking up on supplies for the family or preparing for the zombie apocalypse, Costco is one of the more popular warehouse clubs in the country. Until now the closest location was down in Nanuet or over the Connecticut border in Brookfield.

We reached out to the Village of Chester and they were unaware of the project. Calls to the Town of Chester were unanswered, as their offices are closed on Fridays. We have also asked Costco to confirm the news, but they have not replied as of the publishing of this article.

We hope to find out more details about the project and when Costco will officially open for business. When we do, we will let you know.

So, are you excited about the possibility of Costco coming to our area? Will you be shopping there when they open up?