I don't get it. In my opinion, I don't understand the anger and vitriol that was directed at Governor Lamont at a back-to-school event on August 28 and then again in Cheshire as protesters shouted profanities accusing him of criminal behavior, according to courant.com.

The Cheshire protesters holding "Unmask Our Kids" signs yelled profanities and made Nazi Germany comparisons as they screamed and knocked on Lamont's SUV. "The anger was visceral," said Governor Lamont.


All anyone is trying to do is prevent your loved ones from ending up in the hospital fighting for their lives. I understand that receiving the vaccine is a personal choice. My problem is I do not understand those who are skeptical about how the vaccine can prevent COVID. I'm getting the message loud and clear that it's not my business to "understand."

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Following is a summary of scientifically proven facts regarding the potential effects of receiving the vaccine versus the potential effects of catching COVID-19, according to healthline.com.

  • Side effects from COVID-19 vaccinations are generally minor and infrequent
  • Unvaccinated people with COVID-19 can be at risk of stroke, lung damage, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, blood clots, and psychological problems from being on a ventilator.
  • This 70-year-old vaccinated man with three adult children and two grandchildren only wants them to live long, happy and fulfilled lives, and I believe vaccines increase their chances of living that life.

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