Because it's not one of the major holidays, many people are confused as to what services and offices are closed on Columbus Day.

The Columbus Day holiday falls on Monday, October 8 this year. Many local businesses will remain open, but some government offices and services may be affected.

Because Columbus Day is a federal holiday, there is no mail service on Monday and post offices are closed.

Most banks are closed on Monday, including the Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union. TD Bank and Chase Bank are two of the only national banks that will remain open for customers.

Government Offices
All federal offices are closed on Monday. County offices will also close throughout the Hudson Valley. Most local town, village and city offices including Poughkeepsie, Newburgh and Kingston will all be closed down.

Garbage Pick Up
Depending on the municipality, garbage pickup may not be happening on Monday. Many private trash services, including Royal Carting, will remain open on Monday.

Most public and private schools are closed for Columbus Day

Most public libraries are closed

Local transit
The Dutchess County Loop bus will run on regular schedule. Kingston busses run on a Sunday schedule, UCAT is canceled and Metro North is running on a regular weekday schedule.