As the debate rages across the nation during this new school year, one unvaccinated student found out he was not welcome in class. The 22-year-old from Sussex County, New Jersey was locked out of his email and accounts at Rutgers University when he went to pay tuition at the end of August. Rutgers had become the first college in the country to make vaccinations mandatory for all students in March 2021, according to the New York Post There's one thing though. This student attends all of his classes virtually. says that the psychology major had planned to take all classes from his home 70 miles away in Sandyston, NJ. The school didn't require vaccinations for remote learning students as of the spring. When the same student went to take required COVID survey in August, he clocked on a box that said that the vaccine did not apply to him, according to That's when he got a notification that he'd need the shot. He thought he was still exempt. But when he went to pay tuition, he got some news he wasn't expecting.

The student said he called a campus hootline over the case, but a university rep said all student would need the shot now, even if they were remote. he then requested an exemption, but now the school is telling him could take weeks to be cleared. Now, he's missing lots of important classes and is afraid he';ll eventually have to transfer.

The student's stepfather said he can't make any sense of this.

I believe in science, I believe in vaccines, but I am highly confident that COVID-19 and variants do not travel through computer monitors by taking online classes.

The NY Post reports that a Rutgers representative responded by saying that the school's policies on the matter are different between “fully online degree-granting programs” and “classes that are fully remote” but part of a course where other students are on campus. In this particular case, the student from this story was in a remote class where other students were still on campus.

Maybe he should have gotten a fake vaccine caard like this woman did?

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