It took long enough, but with the official start to winter a little over a month away, temperatures across the Hudson Valley are falling.

In fact, some areas across the region experienced record low temperatures Sunday morning. Temps will fall into the 20s Sunday night, and there's even a slight chance of snow showers into Monday.

it will warm up a little but by mid week as temps will climb into the low 50s, but the mild weather will be short lived. Forecasters say that windy, cold, and potentially rainy weather will return by late Thursday and into Friday.

Highs will only climb into the 40s by Friday, according to meteorologists.

With October being as warm as it was, it probably left a number of folks across the area a but taken back for the temperatures to plunge as quickly as they did. Of course, with winter not far away, we should unfortunately get used to waking up morning temps like we did Sunday.

Have a great week!