Running a business can be one of the hardest things you'll ever have to deal with. Everything from the cost of living, to bills, to other outside factors can shut any otherwise good establishment down for good.  In this particular case it was flooding that spelled the end to a business that had run in Oneida County for 30 years. However, this establishment wasn't going down without a fight. reports that Hippo’s House of Billiards in the town of Yorkville had been a popular draw in central New York for years. The family business has had their share of adversity though. Flooding had shut down the pool hall multiple times over the years, though only to see the the place rebuild and eventually reopen. However, storms Halloween night may have dealt the final blow to the hall.

Our sister station Big Frog 104 had reported that this message was shared on Facebook by Erin Conte:

Five months ago, my family HAPPILY reopened the doors of HIPPOS - The House of Billiards, a 30-year family business, created and run on a lot of love, blood, sweat, and tears! For MANY YEARS, my father attempted to address the significant flooding issues in that area with local government, to no avail.

There were several images attached to the post, including one of a sign outside the pool hall with a message directed at the state of New York itself.

It simply read...GOODBYE NY F U

The family implied that they had reached to both state and local government in the past. to address flooding problems in the area, but were ignored.

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