Forget Black Friday, shopping today can be a huge disaster.

Christmas is over....sorry.

A lot of people are off this week and you might notice stores and restaurants are a little busier. For many people, it's the first time they have been off since the summer so they are taking full advantage of being home and not being at work. It might surprise you, but today might not be the best day to head to the stores if you're looking for something to do (sorry to ruin your plans).

Why is December 26th a bad shopping day in the Hudson Valley?

According to officials, December 26th (today) the day after Christmas is known for being one of the worst shopping days of the year. I was confused at first too because the first thing that came into my mind was thinking how everyone was literally just at the mall trying to get everything done before Christmas. What gives?

So that is correct, but once the holiday passes people are more inclined to spend money on themselves since they took care of everyone else. Another theory is that some stores do offer big after Christmas discounts and this entices people to flock to the store (even after just spending a ton of money)

I also think people like the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and have a hard time letting go of it when the holiday is over. Lets face it, there is huge push for Christmas and then all of a sudden it's done, gone and there's a big empty feeling. There's so much hype for Christmas, but it does come and go pretty quickly.

The last theory is that people want to return right away the stuff they don't want. Maybe Aunt Susan bought you the wrong blender? Many people want to go return it right away and get what they really want before it disappears from the store. Makes sense...then there's less clutter.

So if you do plan on hitting the stores today, take your time, go slow and be patient.

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