John Leguizamo, who has a home in Ulster County, raves about some of his favorite Hudson Valley eateries.

Actor, comedian, playwright, and screenwriter, John Leguizamo loves his Hudson Valley food spots. He recently detailed his favorite spots to grab some grub when staying at his Rosendale, N.Y. home.

Leguizamo details the places he stopped at during his June 2-3 visit.

In the article, Luguizamo talks about his favorite breakfast spot, The Alternative Baker in Rosendale, N.Y., where he says the owner has a lot of personality and they have an amazing sourdough baguette with scrambled eggs, swiss chesse, and a mustard sauce.

Leguizamo referred to Kingston as the "Brooklyn of upstate New York. It’s like craft beers, craft wines, and all these cool, hip restaurants are popping up everywhere", while describing his experience at Mole Mole. According to Leguizamo, the tortilla soup at Mole Mole is "Mexico City good".

Leguizamo's usual favorite spot is the Rosendale Cafe, which he refers to as a "hippie granola and veggie kinda spot". He chowed down on a spinach-cheese quesadilla.

Leguizamo wrapped up his visit in the historic section of Kingston, grabbing dinner at Boitson's in uptown.

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