The Catskill Animal Sanctuary is asking for help with a very important issue.

First of all, anyone who helps animals will always have a special spot in my heart. Second, it's important that we try to help those who help others and this is that kind of case.

The Catskill Animal Sanctuary has been operating out of Saugerties for over 22 years and they have provided a lot of care and help to animals in need. They recently put up a post and it explained how they are moving and they are the ones who need some help this time.

What help does the Catskill Animal Sanctuary need?

According to their post, they are looking for a new location and open a new sanctuary in 2024/2025.

Why is the Castkill Animal Sanctuary moving?

The post mentioned how the climate has changed and done a number on their property. It went into more detail and said they have tried to do extensive work on the infrastructure, but they experienced extreme erosion, excessive tree loss and flooding that has worsened each year.


The Castkill Animal Sanctuary also mentioned how they are currently searching for the new place, they are looking for a place to carry out their mission and help emergency rescues and providing a lifelong sanctuary.


They ended the post by saying,

"We hope you’ll take this journey with us by following along on social media.
Until then, thank you for being an important part of our first 22 years. Here’s to the next 22!"
If you have any information on a new spot our location, please let us know and we can pass along the information:
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