First responders rushed to rescue an animal at a Walmart in the Hudson Valley.

Firefighters from Rockland County responded to a pretty unusual call. A cat somehow got stuck in a vending machine at a Rockland County Walmart.

Animal Rescue At Walmart in Suffern, New York


On Wednesday around 10 p.m., the Tallman Fire Department responded to reports of an "animal rescue" at the Suffern, New York Walmart on Route 59, according to Orange and Rockland County Fire.

"Cat stuck in a vending machine," Orange and Rockland County Fire wrote on Facebook.

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Cat Stuck In Vending Machine At Rockland County, New York Walmart

First responders found a cat stuck inside a vending machine at the Rockland County, New York Walmart. Firefighters quickly got the situation under control and were able to get the cat out of the vending machine. The cat was not injured.


Note: The photo above is not from the scene in the Hudson Valley.

"Under control," Orange and Rockland County Fire wrote on Facebook. "Cat has been extricated, appears to not be injured."

It's unclear how the cat got into this situation, but a quick google search shows this has happened before.

Information isn't known about the photo posted above, but it was shared nearly 4,000 times on Facebook in 2016.

In Jan. 2018, a video was posted to Youtube of a cat stuck in a claw machine in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, according to ViralHog. The video, seen below, shows the cat peacefully sleeping in the claw machine.

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